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The Product Development Process

Fraitag Engineering manages projects within stringent engineering design control procedures outlined by phases. Each product or machine development project will vary slightly depending upon client expectations, product nature, and desired deliverables. Below is an outline of our product design and development process how we bring concept to reality.

I. Customer's Objectives

  • The first step in a relationship with us is to execute a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and discuss your idea(s) so we gain a full understanding of your new product or machine idea(s) and/or specifications.

II. Engineering Proposal

  • We will review all the information gathered from the initial discussion and generate a proposal. The proposal will be specific to your project and outlined by phases clearly showing the requirement to transition your project from one phase to another.

III. Brainstorm Conceptual Design

  • We will brainstorm conceptual designs with you analyzing your product or machine details form, fit, and function. Your product idea together with our many years of engineering product and machine development experience we will develop an innovative design, solve difficult design problems, discuss ergonomics and esthetics, and improve or strengthen your intellectual property.
  • The design will be kept as simple as possible while maintaining your design requirements and objectives. Manufacturing processes will be addressed to ensure the product or machine is designed for manufacturability and can be cost effectively produced. Domestic versus off-shore manufacturing sources are considered and discussed based upon your expectations and desired deliverables.

IV. Engineering Design

  • The brainstormed conceptual design solution is engineered in latest state-of-the-art SolidWorks 3D CAD (Computer Aid Design) virtual design software. This 3D CAD format enables us to analyze the product in great detail and make quick modifications to the design as needed through the product development process. 3D CAD eliminates the cost of several design iteration physical mock-ups reducing product development time and cost.
  • 3D CAD shaded renderings will be made available to you through our website. The files will be on our secure server and password protected limiting access to only you and Fraitag Engineering. The shaded renderings allow you to analyze perspective and orthogonal views, cross section views, hide selected components within the assembly, and perform detailed measurements.

V. Prototypes

  • A proof-of-design accurate functional prototype of the product is produced using the most economic means available. Standard off-the-shelf components and hardware are used as much as possible and the remaining components are fabricated using rapid prototyping technology, CNC machining, stamping, forming, or a combination thereof.
  • A functional prototype allows you and engineer to validate the design saving time and cost if modifications are required prior to entering into production. The prototype can also be used for consumer or market testing, customer or investor presentations, sales or catalog photographs, etc.

VI. Design Refinement

  • Performance testing and validation of the functional prototype occasionally drive final design improvements and modifications prior to locking the design for manufacturing. Slight changes also might be required to reduce tooling and/or high volume manufacturing cost as determined by you. Design modifications are done very quickly with the advanced SolidWorks CAD software and all documentation is revision controlled to explicitly show your product or machine development evolution.

VII. Intellectual Property Protection

  • Your new product is now at the stage where it can best be presented to a patent attorney assuming you desire to patent the idea or product. By reviewing the engineered product design, 3D renderings, documentation, and physical prototype, the patent attorney can appreciate the novel and unique features of the product. We have strict documentation procedures to assist and support you during the patent process. All notes, emails, rough sketches, etc. are recorded and dated. All designs, 3d models, detailed drawings, etc. are revision controlled to explicitly prove your development process and validate your idea originality.
  • Occasionally provisional patent applications are filed prior to this stage and refined once the final design is locked and functional prototypes are produced.

VIII. Documentation Package

  • A complete documentation package includes (but not limited to) product or machine overview description, 3D CAD files, detailed dimensioned drawings, schematics, bill of materials (BOM), assembly drawings and procedures, prototype pictures, and any beneficial product development support data.

IX. Production Manufacturing

  • Fraitag Engineering offers you partnerships with select high quality approved domestic and off-shore manufacturers to assist your production manufacturing. Tooling and individual components can be manufacture for your internal assembly operation or products can be fully assembled, packed, imported, and ready for market.

Frequently Fraitag Engineering is presented with a product, machine, and/or tool idea that has gone through several of the above development phases but is stalled for one reason or another. We can pick up a partially developed product and complete the development process in a timely manor.

Whether you are a large company, a small company, or an inventor with an idea, let us assist you through the design and development process. Our success is based upon your success; we have an excellent track record creating new innovative custom designs that exceed customer requirements. Give us a call or fill out our information request form for more information. Let us help turn your idea into a reality.








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